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Star tracker

We offer a miniaturized star tracker, ideal for CubeSat and NanoSat missions. It is designed with minimized dimensions, mass and power consumption while providing high performance. It is fully autonomous and equipped with on-orbit, self calibration system, active cooling system on sensor for increased performance when required. It is designed with only non-magnetic materials, all lenses are made of glass approved for space and coated with anti-reflection compositions capable of withstanding up to 100 kRad of dose without decreasing the transmissive  capacity. It is a complete device with processor and star catalog, not requiring additional module. It comes ready to be used with a connection to an onboard computer. It can be produced with different modifications to fulfill various mission requirements. 



Acquisition time

Update rate

Maximum slew rate

The angular with of FOV


Sun exclusion angle

Earth limb exclusion angle

Please contact us if you are interest in our product. All our products can be customized according to requirements.

Availability:  6 - 10 months

  • Small size, 56 x 60 x 92.8 mm

  • Low power consumption, 0.3 W without thermal control

  • Light weight, 175 g

Pointing < 5 arcsec  @ 3σ
Rolling   < 60 arcsec  @ 3σ

< 2 seconds, 
at 5° / sec up to 10 mins

10 Hz

5° / sec

22° (± 11 arc degree)