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SB-96 Series

Remote sensing satellite

SB-96 series are designed according to the architecture and form factor of 6U CubeSat standards. It is equipped with advanced attitude control system and high-speed Ka-band transmitter allowing wider range of applications, especially in remote sensing. They are equipped with laid-on solar batteries that can be supplemented with folding panels. Gallium-arsenide solar batteries and lithium-ion storage batteries allow sending 6 to12 W to the payload. Accurate 3-axis attitude control is possible with three reaction wheels, three magnetic actuators. Together with high speed Ka-band transmitter, the platform is capable of efficient remote sensing


Life time

Size and mass

Sensor bands


Swath width

Dynamic range

Attitude determination

and control

Pointing accuracy

and knowledge

Retargeting agility


Max contiguous area

Geolocation accuracy


650 km, Sun synchronous

estimated 3 years

240 x 115 x 366 mm / 14 kg

Optics aperture: 96 mm

Green: 515-595 nm

Red: 605-695 nm

NIR: 740-900 nm

Multispectral: 22 m

270 km

6 bits per pixel

3 axis stabilized

Sensors: star tracker, magnetometer

Actuators: RW, magnetorquer

Accuracy: ≤ 0.1°
Knowledge: 100 - 500 pixels

30° / sec

TT&C: UHF 38.4 kbits/s
Payload data: Ka-band upto 400 Mbit/sec

2.45 million sq km

100 - 500 pixels

40.65 million sq km / day


Typical collection schemes

1080 x 2268 sq km

Large area

Examples of 22m resolution image, resampled from DMC-2 satellite image

270 x 270 sq km

Multiple points

540 x 100 sq km

Stereo area

270 x 9074 sq km

Long strip