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SB-230 Series

Remote sensing satellite

Our SB-230 series is designed according to the architecture and form factor of 16U CubeSat standards. It is equipped with advanced attitude control system and high-speed Ka-band transmitter allowing wide range of applications. Resolution of space imagery provided by this satellite can potentially be applied in many different fields. It can be used to monitor cities, forests and agricultural lands. The resolution can be up to 2.5 meters, providing ability to distinguish automobiles, which can be used for the analysis of a traffic, city, parking situations or any other area of interest.

It also features wide swath, up to 32 km which makes it possible to snapshot even metropolises and transportation networks. The combination of these characteristics allows efficient use of images to control city areas, to plan urban development and to monitor natural sites and resources.


32 x 9074 sq km

Long strip

64 x 100 sq km

Stereo area

32 x 32 sq km

Multiple points

Examples of 2.5m resolution image, resampled from SPOT-5 satellite image

128 x 2268 sq km

Large area

Typical collection schemes


Life time

Size and mass


Sensor bands








Swath width

Dynamic range

Attitude determination

and control

Pointing accuracy

and knowledge

Retargeting agility



Max contiguous area

Geolocation accuracy


600km, Sun synchronous

estimated 3 years

246 x 246 x 545 mm / 21kg
Optics aperture: 230 mm
Focal length: 745 mm

Panchromatic: 450-900 nm
Red: 605-695 nm
Red edge: 695-730 nm
Green: 515-595 nm
Blue: 450-515 nm
NIR: 740-900 nm

Multispectral: 2.5 m
Panchromatic: 2.5 m

32 km

7 bits per pixel

3 axis stabilized
Sensors: star tracker, magnetometer
Actuators: RW, magnetorquer

Accuracy:  ≤0.1° 
Knowledge: 100 - 500 pixels

30° / sec

TT&C: UHF 28.4 kbits/s
Payload data: Ka-band upto 400 Mbit/sec

290,000 sq km

100 - 500 pixels

525,000 sq km / day