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Ka-band transmitter

Hi-speed data transmitter is an important component for almost all types of satellites, such as Earth-Observation, astronomical and scientific projects. All these projects produce a large amount of data which needs to be transmitted to ground stations. Majority of projects require transmitter with link speed of at least 10 MB/sec. It is especially challenging for microsatellites and CubeSats, which require transmitter to be extremely small, light and low-powered.

To provide an ideal solution, we have developed hi-speed Ka-band transmitter with integrated antenna providing up to up to 20MB/s downlink speed.

  • Modular structure of transmitter design provide the possibility of customization of most parameters: output power, frequency, antenna type, payload interfaces and encoding type.

  • FPGA-based encoder can perform FEC and LDPC encoding for hi-reliable data transmission. Standard DVB-S2 encoding (all modes from QPSK 1/4 till QPSK 9/10) can be encrypted or changed to user-specified encoding algorithms.

  • Encoder can provide different input interfaces: from LVDS to Gigabit Ethernet or USB. Additionally, RS232 used for control and telemetry reading, and it can be used for sending satellite telemetry inside the data downlink channel.

  • Encoder provide the big RAM buffer (1-2Gbyte), which can be used for buffering the payload data between downlink sessions (without additional buffering memory device in the payload).



Output power


Frequency stability

Antenna system

Beam width


Data speed


Data encoder


Power consumption

Dimensions and mass


Life time

Please contact us if you are interest in our product. All our products can be customized to meet different requirements.

Production time:  8 - 12 months

25.5 - 27 GHz, adjustable

0.6 – 1 W

87 MHz


Integrated, Lens-corrected Horn,

10° (at 3dB level)

20 – 23 dBW

40, 80, 160Mbps, with BER <10E-6


DVB-S2 (all modes), FPGA-based.

Special encodings by demand

LVDS and/or  Ethernet 1000T (data input)

RS232TTL (telemetry & control)

<15W  (+8V, +5V stabilized)

100x115x90 mm,   0.9 kg

-40°C +65°C,  vacuum, radiation-protected

5 years (0.9 rel.)