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90mm Optical System

Our 90mm optical system was developed as an Earth observation payload for a 6U CubeSat. It is capable of providing up to 5m resolution images at 400km orbit. The design is based on well-proven COTS components, and it was redesigned and reworked for space usage.

It has compact size, slightly larger than 2U, and it can be integrated to any satellite platform. We can also assist in integrating this payload with any satellite platform for optimal performance.

  • Comp​act size, Smaller than 3U size

  • Best aperture for for it's size, 90 mm

  • Thermal dissipation and thermal management of camera provided by specially designed camera case + structure

  • Low power consumption


Ground Resolution

Pixel Resolution

Frame rate

Photometric resolution

Data interface




Operation conditions

Focal Length


Mechanical strength for launch

Random vibration tolerance

5m color (from 400km orbit)

3376 x 2704 pixel

6.9 FPS at full resolution

14 bit (8/12/14 bit selectable)

Gigabit Ethernet

12V 0.35A

1400 g

Ø 98mm  x 243mm length 

-40C ÷ +60C, vacuum


89mm (1st lens)

up to 10G linear, 40G shock in any direction 

20-2000Hz, amplitude up to 0.022g2/Hz

Please contact us if you are interest in our product. All our products can be customized according to requirements.

Availability:  12 - 18 months