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6U Deployer

Our 6U deployer is designed to be compatible with most launch vehicles. It features simple and straightforward integration with both internal CubeSat and the launch vehicle. During launch, loaded CubeSat is fully sealed and is deployed only by signal from launch vehicle. It can also be configured to deploy combination of smaller CubeSats.

  • Mechanically operated lid, no battery pack, does not require power to stay closed.

  • Compatible with most launch vehicle’s pyro pulse signals to operate its HDRM (Hold Down & Release Mechanism)

  • Can be configured to accompany combination of multiple smaller CubeSats

  • ITAR free design / Flight proven



Dimensions (closed)

Max mass of spacecraft

Moments of inertia (open)

Operational temperature

3.9 ± 0.3 kg

L x W x H, 452 x 263.2 x 140 (mm)

16 kg

Jxx = 0,25, Jyy = 0,28, Jzz = 0,05

signal to open (Min -40°C, Max 55°C)

storage / orbital flight (Min -50°C, Max 85°C)

Please contact us if you are interest in our product. All our products can be customized according to requirements.

Availability:  9 - 14 weeks