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230mm Optical System

Our 230mm optical system was designed as a payload of our 16U CubeSat platform. It is capable of in orbit reconfigurable GSD up to 2.5m and spectral bands up to 12 bands at 50km swath. The capacities of its collection and rapid revisit provide repeated images of large areas for the purpose of conducting automated change detection data.


Our 230mm optical system can be integrated with any platform. We can also assist in integrating this payload with any satellite platform for optimal performance.

Please contact us if you are interest in our product. All our products can be customized according to requirements.

Availability: 12 - 18 months

  • Very light system, below 6 kg

  • Wide field of view, about 

  • All optical elements are spherical

  • Very compact system, 233 x 233 x 407 mm including sensor

  • available without sensor





GSD / Swath width


Operational Temperature Range

Focal Length

Field of View


Quantum Efficiency

233mm x 233mm x 407mm

< 6kg

> 50

> 0.13 (optics, obscuration, sensor and manufacture errors)

> 0.26 (optics, obscuration w/o sensor and errors)

2.5m / 25 km, 600km SSO orbit

< 10W

-50˚C ~ +50˚C

745 mm

2.4°x 1.7°(=3°diagonal) (IFOV: 0.86arcsec)

TDI matrix

~ 50%